It's amazing to see how much the sport of cycling has grown in recent years. With this surge in participation, it's been refreshing to see so many people of colour, embracing this historically Eurocentric sport.


During the summer of 2020 the COVID-19 lockdowns were stressful for everyone. The weather was picture perfect and a group of Canadian riders with West Indian and African heritage from Toronto, Canada area broke-out and found a way to reduce the stress, get some exercise and socialize safely. They found cycling. They found each other. The BikePeopleDem brand was born !

BikePeopleDem is a playful Jamaican patois term that means "Those Bike People."

It's a nod to our West Indian heritage and a reminder that cycling is for everyone!

Official BikePeopleDem Theme Song

Sam Williams , award winning Canadian musician, producer and avid cyclist wrote a song about what it feels like to ride in a peloton with his cycling brothers. He called it "Windbreaker !" It's our official song. Check it out and add it to your favourite riding playlist !